Secretive Kristin (Basic) - Olive

$30.00 SGD
  • Type: 1 Month
  • Pieces: 2pcs / box
  • Dia(all): 11.6 mm (14.2mm)

  • B/C: 8.7mm
  • Water Content: 48%
  • PC+Silicon Hydrogel(+2-HEMA)

Sometimes Kristin's eyes tell a story that nobody can hear. With this pair of lenses, you'll have the moonlight in your eyes. Your eyes will shine brighter than a night full of stars. The best part is, nobody will know your little secret to the sparkle in your eye. Somethings are best kept a secret! Shhh!

  • olive
  • black
  • gray
  • Dusk brown
  • Crème Brown
  • beige
  • Crush Brown
  • Antique Brown
  • brown
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