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If you want that dreamy eyes

If you want that dreamy eyes

A promise you’ll never forget

Or should we rephrase it to “dreamy eyes you’ll never forget”. These lenses will help you achieve that dreamy gaze that will melt your crush away. Making them promising you something cheesy, I mean, aren’t we all secretly a sucker for that. Don’t make me bring up examples like Titanic or the Notebook.

hapahapaBittersweet Kristin - Olive Brown

Not having a crush at the moment or not that into romantic daydreaming? No problem! These lenses match the spring vibes too. The design and color matches well with your own eye color, which creates a more natural look while slightly enhancing it at the same time. This creates dreamy and innocent eyes. It will be perfect for everyday use and you never know, you might find yourself catching butterflies while wearing these lenses. 

hapahapaFirst Love Kristin - Brown

These are the perfect lenses for your first date that radiates warmth. The dreamy feeling that comes along with these lenses are filled with a slight naughtiness that makes it impossible for your crush  to look away. Just make sure you don’t get too shy and blush from ear to ear, from all that eye contact action. 

hapahapaDewy Kristin - Brown

Are you the type of person that can’t or have trouble expressing your feelings? Then these lenses may be for you. No words are needed anymore, these lenses will help you express your feelings.The design of this is just like a flower. Perfect for spring or perfect for confessing your love, both situations where buds bloom into gorgeous flowers. The dreamy look makes it seem like you’re currently in a dream.

hapahapaSecretive Kristin - Black

Mystery around a woman will always make people think about her. They’re curious and want to know more. If you want your crush to think about you every minute of the day, then these lenses will help create that mystery around you. 

hapahapaYOLO Kristin - Green

“Live life day by day” is the best way to describe these lenses, if you see yourself in this quote then these lenses will quickly become your favorite. You don’t expect anything and live life to the fullest. This playful design will make life more fun and will attract people to your curiosity.