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Tips for New Contact Lens Wearers

Tips for New Contact Lens Wearers

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The idea of putting something in your eyes and having them stay put for hours may sound daunting at first. It takes time and some practice before getting used to them and making them part of your routine. It’s crucial to take good care of your contact lenses to ensure that your eyes stay safe and healthy in the long term, especially when your vision is the most important sense. Here is a guide that may help with some of your concerns if you are new to the contact lens game.

Keeping your eyes comfortable throughout the day

Your eyes might often feel dry from wearing contact lenses throughout the day due to eye strain from looking at the computer screen or dry air. Carry your eyedrops with you so you can keep your eyes hydrated, but make sure they are suitable for contact lens and check for the dosage to avoid irritation from overdosage.

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Dirt or dust might get in your eye and on your contact lens, making you feel uncomfortable. When you feel discomfort, take them out and rinse them with your contact lens solution before putting them back on.

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Don’t keep them on if they are still uncomfortable, especially if your eyes are already red and irritated. It’s best to keep your glasses in your bag, your car or somewhere easily accessible in case you need to take your contact lenses off if you are wearing prescribed lenses. It may take a while before you adapt to your new contact lens life, so don’t worry if it’s taking a little longer than you’d expect. We promise you it’ll be worth it when you get to show off to the world with your sparkling eyes!

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Cleaning and storing your contact lenses

Daily contact lenses should be disposed at the end of the day after you’ve worn them, but if you’re wearing reusable contact lenses, i.e. monthly lenses, keeping your lenses clean must not be taken lightly.

A multipurpose solution can be used for both cleaning and storing. To clean your contact lenses, fold your hand into the shape of a bowl and pour a generous amount of solution into your palm, then rub both sides of your lenses in it. You should clean your lenses before you put them in your eyes and after your take them off. One important thing to keep in mind is to never rinse your lenses with tap water as it can cause eye infection due to the microbes present in water.

Store your contact lenses with fresh solution when they’re not in use. It’s crucial to clear out the leftover solution in your case, wash it and air dry it before you pour in new solution to store your lenses. You should replace your lens case frequently, or at least once every three months.

Putting on and taking off your contact lens

Before you touch your lenses, always remember to wash your hands with soap, but avoid oily or scented ones as they may easily cling to your lenses and irritate your eyes. Dry your hands with lint free towels and make sure your hands are clean before you put on or take off your contact lenses.

The most important tip to remember is to relax. You can’t put your contact lens in successfully if you keep flinching. Place the contact lens on your fingertips and use the other hand to gently pull your lower and upper eyelids apart with your fingers to widen your eye. Move your contact lens slowly and steadily towards your eye until it sticks on to the surface, then slightly roll your eyes or use your finger to gently move it to the right position. Blink or close your eyes for a while for it to settle and that’s it! Give yourself a longer time to get ready on the first few times so you won’t feel pressured.

To remove them, look sideways or upwards and use one hand to pull down your lower eyelid while on the other hand, use your thumb and index finger to gently pinch your lens and remove it from your eye. It sounds scary but it’s totally harmless to touch the surface of your eyes as long as your hands are clean. It might feel frustrating at first but be patient and with a little practice you’ll get used to it in no time.

How to know if you are wearing your lenses correctly

Soft contact lenses can be easily bent inside-out so you must check if they are on the right side before you put them in. The easiest and most common method to check is by putting your lens on your fingertip and look at it from the side.

If it forms a perfect U shape, then it’s on the correct side and you can put it in your eye. If it’s a U shape with the top edge pointing outwards, then it’s inside-out. Just turn it over to get it on the correct side and you’re good to go. Don’t worry if you’re still unsure whether you’ve put it on correctly though, your eye will feel uncomfortable if it’s inside-out. Just take it out, flip it to the correct side and try again!