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Makeup Looks to Go With Brown Contacts

Makeup Looks to Go With Brown Contacts

Brown coloured contact lenses are the most versatile among others and they look stunning with almost any eyeshadow shades, from warm neutrals to pink to yellow. Here are some of the makeup looks that complement beautifully with brown eyes.

hapahapahapaAtoZ Kristin - Brown

Warm Nude Makeup

Pair your brown coloured contacts with a simple nude look with warm tones. Choose a foundation with a dewy finish and medium coverage for natural looking skin. You can add a nude shade of blush on your cheeks with a subtle sheen for a glowy touch. For the eyes, use three to four different shades of warm browns, with the lightest shade on the inner lids and darkest on the outer. If you want to add a little intensity to your eye look, draw the medium shade brown on your lower lash line. Add a lightweight curling mascara to complete your eye look with natural and lifted lashes. To finish your makeup look, use a warm toned nude pink or light brown lipstick.

hapaDope Kristin in Brown

Burgundy Makeup

Burgundy is not only an amazing color you can rock on any occasion, it also looks great with brown eyes too. You can simply create this look by applying a light pink or nude over your lids as the base and a burgundy shade on the outer corner of your lids. Blend the burgundy shade from the outer corner over your crease, and if you want to add more dimension, pack on a lighter burgundy shade with shimmers on the center of your lids. For your cheeks, you can softly dust on a light pink blush. To finish this look, apply a medium shade pink lipstick or, if you’re feeling bold, burgundy.

Cheerful Kristin in Brown

Sunset Makeup

If you wanna have fun with more colours, try a sunset inspired makeup which looks amazing with brown coloured contact lenses. The main focus of this look is the vibrant sunset colours on the eyes using yellow, orange and red with a finishing touch of gold. The idea is to create a multi-tonal eye look from the lightest shade to the darkest shade so that it’ll blend easier. Apply a shimmery gold shade in the center of your lids and finish off your sunset eyes with eyeliner and mascara. To give more dramatic effects, apply bronzer and an orange or brown blush generously. For the lips, you can use a rosy red or pink shade but if you don’t want your lips to steal the spotlight from your eyes, go for a nude pink.

 Ahhh! Kristin in Brown

Pink Makeup

If you’re feeling young and girly, try a pink makeup look that goes great with brown colored contact lenses. There is a wide variety of pink and peach shades you can wear, whether it’s for an everyday look, or for a party. You can just use a single or two shades on your eyes if you want to go light, but if you wanna have a little fun, blend in different shades of pink, coral, beige and peach, and top it with a glitter shade for some extra bling. Dust your cheeks with a pink blush and put on a pink lip gloss or lip tint to finish this look.

Cheerful Kristin in Brown

There are a billion makeup looks you can do that look incredible with brown contact lenses. If you’re seeking for more inspirations, you can also check out how our influencers rock their makeup looks with their brown coloured contacts.

Daisy Inspired Makeup

Have you been neglecting the yellow shade on your eyeshadow palette because you don’t know how to apply it? @yashoras on Instagram did a stunning daisy inspired makeup look with yellow shades on her eyes, complementing beautifully with Hapa Kristin’s Wow Kristin in Brown.

Purple Makeup

Purple makeup looks are so underrated. A full face of purple shades, from the eyes to the cheeks to the lips, is absolutely gorgeous with brown colored contacts. Check out Instagram influencer @sabrinamarican and her show-stopping purple makeup look with Hapa Kristin’s Love Me Kristin in Brown.

Peachy Makeup

Anyone can pull of a peach makeup. This warm color can give you a natural brightening effect on your skin and it’s currently a big trend. Wearing Hapa Kristin’s Love Me Kristin in Brown, @xinjunchoo on Instagram did a magical makeup with peachy tones and we are completely in love with this look!

Shimmery Eye Look

If you want your eyes to dazzle, go for a shimmer-shades-only eye look that are sure to turn heads especially when worn with brown colored contact lenses. on Instagram did a sparkling purple-pink shimmery eye makeup with Hapa Kristin’s Yays Girl Kristin in Brown.

Everyday Neutral Eye Look

Reach for your neutral shades if you want to keep it low-key. Just add a little shimmer shades for a subtle sheen and you’ll catch everybody’s attention with your popping brown eyes. We are fan of this simple yet beautiful everyday eye look by @celinehanmakeup on Instagram, worn with Hapa Kristin’s Peaceful Kristin in Brown.